Property Managers, Building & Tower Owners
The Antenna Site Management group's work product is designed to provide a revenue stream from rooftop space, save the building owner and staff time and provide a level of service and expertise that the building staff cannot provide.

Marketing the Building Rooftop
  • Maintain contact with the site acquisition managers for all major carriers, paging companies and wireless Internet providers.
  • E-Mail our site list to our customers on a regular basis. 
  • Maintain contact with all regional construction managers and independent site acquisition firms. 
  • Maintain a web site for the site management group. 
  • List ERS sites on Fryer's Site Guide.
Contract Negotiations with prospective rooftop tenants
  • ERS has “Master License Agreements” with the major carriers along with “Right of Entry” and Wireless LAN agreements already drawn up.
  • In addition ERS will negotiate all other agreements and prepare the documents for the building owner's attorney saving a significant amount of legal expense.
Site Evaluation
  • ERS will accompany all prospective rooftop tenants on site evaluation walks, which saves building engineers and property manager's time.
Construction Site Walks
  • ERS will accompany consulting engineers and advise them on the building's requirements for construction, aesthetics and any structural or electrical peculiarities.
  • Perform construction scheduling with engineers and contractors. 
  • ERS will insure that all roof top tenants and their contractors have current Insurance Certificates on file at ERS in the required amounts.
Drawing Review
  • ERS will review the installation/construction drawings in depth and prepare comments for review with the building's Chief Engineer and property manager.
  • ERS will review revised drawings for correctness to the comments. 
  • ERS utilizes a roofing consultant to review rooftop penetrations or other installation problems that may impact the warranty of a roof surface.
Structural Review
  • ERS utilizes a Licensed Engineer for structural reviews of installation plans when required.
Building Aesthetics
  • ERS will coordinate proper colors for painting rooftop antennas to match the rooftop backgrounds.
  • If required ERS will coordinate the installation of an antenna mock-up for owner approval.
Installation Oversight
  • ERS will be on site to oversee the installation and insure that the construction is in accordance with the drawings and building regulations are observed.
  • Upon termination of the Site License Agreement ERS will oversee the removal of the equipment and wiring associated with the installation. Also ERS will insure that the roof is restored to it's previous condition
Collections- Receivables- Payables
  • ERS will invoice and provide a statement to the tenant for the monthly payments. The building's portion of the payment will be sent on the first of the month. ERS will collect any outstanding receivables or send default notices to the rooftop tenant.
Price increases
  • ERS will monitor and send out annual increase notices to the rooftop tenants.
Contract Renewal
  • ERS will monitor and renegotiate contract extensions.
Rooftop Safety Issues
  • After the installation of each additional Tenant ERS will measure the Radio Frequency (RF) emission levels to determine if the rooftop is in compliance with Federal Safety Regulations. Should the Rooftop environment prove to be beyond mandated emission levels ERS would notify the offending tenant. In addition, ERS will propose a plan to train rooftop users and assist in the preparation of a rooftop safety plan.
Annual rooftop check
  • ERS will perform an annual survey of the roof and equipment room to determine if a tenant's service personnel have made any unauthorized changes to the site. Also, the condition of the roof on and around the antennas will be surveyed.
Rooftop Repairs
  • Periodically repairs need to be made to the rooftop. ERS will coordinate, with the antenna owners any antenna relocations that need to be made to facilitate the repair of the roof.
Property Manager Support
  • ERS spends a considerable amount of time advising property managers on building communications concerns. These concerns range from phone wiring to Internet access and the latest communication technologies.
Rooftop Access Control
  • ERS provides tenant service personnel lists, which are approved for access to the rooftop.
Antenna Site Management Staff
  • ERS maintains a staff of seven people that conduct our Antenna Site Management activities of management, sales, marketing, engineering, accounting, payables & receivables.
Building Master Antenna Systems
  • ERS designs and installs Building Master Antenna Systems, which can provide Satellite TV service and data service to tenants. These antenna systems minimize rooftop maintenance problems and rooftop clutter of tenant antennas.
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